A vision for the future.

Today, during my daily walking routine, I was suddenly struck to justify this humble blog of mine. I attest that instead of simply adding to the blather that many others bloggers do, while simply cutting and pasting the interesting bits together. I believe I will attempt to achieve something else,  -perhaps something monumental- by presenting a forum for underexposed and emerging art house filmmakers.


I meet so many new talented and hopeful filmmakers that without the kind of careful mentoring I received early on may never reach there potential. There are brilliant people out there who never get an honest review from their peers and from the cash hungry filmmaking educators.  I’ve been at this a long time and I think I have something I can offer, and sometimes it’s those new hopefuls that teach me the new things I need to understand where it is that filmmaking is headed, -sometimes it’s outside and on the fringe of academic theory. It’s not just for charity it’s in part for my own devilish compulsion to watch great cinema, and yes maybe discover the next Godard or Greenaway.


A few years ago Godard said that “these days every kid who picks up a DV camera thinks he’s Stanley Kubrick.” Now more than ever, our technology allows the gesture to come first, the thought second. Of course to make a good movie it should be the other way around. To think is to work, and then one can build; over time of craftsmanship, the thought and the gesture become one and something (something else, or something more) happens. There are good, meaningful, mysterious and spacious images. But always still human, artisanal, framed, made. It’s a lesson that goes back to Lumière, Monteiro, Hou, Costa. Work the image. To which Godard frequently adds: “The Image will come at the time of the resurrection.”


~ by B on April 1, 2008.

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